At Sonic It Solutions we offer:

We have:

  • Many years of Information Technology expertise
  • A solid understanding of search engine optimization and digital marketing

Some of our proven strategies to increase your free website traffic include:

  1. Website content management
  2. SEO optimization and ranking
  3. SEO Copywriting
  4. Reputation management
  5. Facebook Ad campaign management
  6. Google Ad campaign management
  7. Google Analytics of your site data

We’re here to offer clear solutions, and we do so by providing your business with the following:

SEO Companies

SEO companies are plentiful, however which ones are trustworthy to get you the results required?   Do they guarantee improvements in ranking positions and increased traffic? Do they offer other enticing guarantees?  Is your SEO agency implementing sustainable, legitimate ranking techniques whereby your ranking won’t be penalized in the long run?  Such questions amongst others at first glance aren’t readily answered. At Sonic IT Solutions we’ll help you and your business gain an understanding about digital marketing strategies, Google SEO best practices, legitimate, proprietary ranking techniques that outperform the competition.


Free Website Assessment

At Sonic IT Solutions we’ll give your business a FREE website assessment, whereby we’ll scrutinize your on-page SEO to help determine what’s required to improve rankings.

We’ll investigate:

  • Your relevant low, medium and high value keywords and SEO copy content structure
  • Page speed
  • Backlink authority and relevance
  • Internal links
  • Image alt tags and video content
  • Website coding efficiencies, and overall site architecture
  • Mobile site efficiency and presentation



We’ll work with you and your team to deliver a tailor-made package based on the objectives and goals your business requires.  Most often SEO agencies provide you with a cookie-cutter package which might actually be suitable for some businesses. We prefer to take time to understand your needs and align them with a suitable package.  Depending on your current search engines rankings, the adequate amount of focus on SEO can lead to your ultimate goal of digital marketing success. Ranking the right type of keywords are the right time is the process by which your website will gain ranking and recognition by the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) and develop sustainable growth , and avoid being viewed by for example Google ad as using questionable SEO techniques.



With every contract we negotiate for at least a six-month period, and our agency begins with framework development of our SEO strategy. It doesn’t matter if your website how old or new your site is.  We’ll keep you updated with meetings at regular intervals, with reports and verbal information about the status of your website metrics.


Competitor Analysis

The primary plan in our SEO strategy is to perform complete competitor analysis. We scrutinize the competition, with our criteria dependent upon the your industry, goals, your business brand, your key market, etc. We measure and compare the aforementioned against what your competitor’s key SEO metrics, and how they are utilized.  All of the information will be tracked and maintained in a report which will be made available to you.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Upon the completion of competitor analysis, a keyword research & analysis is in order. Together we’ll agree on a list of long-tail(least competitive) and medium value(increased traffic) keywords, rank your site and increase traffic within the first six months. This strategy will help to increasingly monetize your site.  This keyword report will summarize to what will prove to be the most effective strategy for your ranking potential.


So What Is SEO Copywriting?

Congratulations! You’ve built a website that you are proud of and want the rest of the world to see. In order for that to happen, you will need to optimize your website for search engines like Google. For that reason, knowing about SEO copywriting is essential. This article will explain what SEO copywriting is and how to write in a way that makes your website show up in search results.(more…)

So What Is The Cloud?

The term “the cloud” can be a little confusing when you first hear it. What is the cloud? What does it mean? Does it actually have anything to do with the weather? As you probably already know, cloud technology doesn’t have anything to do with the weather! It refers to the way that computers around the world share computing power and storage space with each other through the internet, so it’s not one physical space in a single location. It’s called “the cloud” because of the way that that users and computers connect over the internet, much like a thinking cloud bubble or a gathering of clouds in the sky.(more…)